So what really prompted me to have a change of heart and start a healthier lifestyle?

One morning over coffee, I just began to visualize the future - mine and my daughter's. 

You see, I have no husband. I have no more intentions of having one. My daughter is 15. Soon she'll have a life of her own. And although I am sure that she will be there for me no matter what, I don't want to need or rely on her anytime soon.

Don't call me stubborn. I am actually thinking of her as much as myself. When she's ready to be on her own, I want her to spread her wings and conquer the world. Will she be able to do that if I am sick? She will have to take care of me. Even if she hires somebody to do it, I'm sure she'll worry and check on me a lot. The right time will come. but she's not yet ready. And so am I.

That brings me here! I want to be as healthy as possible, for as long as God permits me. I was never conscious of what I eat, and I never found the need to exercise - until now.

I hope that maintaining this blog will also keep me motivated to commit to my goal. Hopefully, I get to influence a soul or two, too.

Let's go!

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